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Riga “Rumba VEF / LSPA“ team from Latvia is the winner of Riga Cup tournament of the International amateur league IABL 2023/2024Friday, 2 February 2024 13:10On January 20, 2024 the championship was renewed after a long break. There were four teams from Lithuania and Latvia ready for a battle in Riga Tournament. Riga “Rumba VEF / LSPA“ (Latvia) and Šiauliai team from Lithuania played a game in the first semifinal. The first part of the game was more or less equal, but later on the host team from Riga took the lead and gained the victory in a result 93:72. The teams Riga “Binders“ (Latvia) and Kaunas KKL (Lithuania) battled
Nauris Miezis Congratulations on winning the Olympic Gold Medal!Friday, 30 July 2021 11:03 Nauris Miezis Congratulations on winning the Olympic Gold Medal! Nauris played in the IABL League for the Riga Rumba / LSPA team (2016-2019)  
The review of the II nd IABL tournament in Sankt PetersburghMonday, 9 March 2020 12:49The II nd tournament of the International amateur basketball league took place in Sankt Petersburgh, the second largest city in Russia, at the end of winter with the start of spring ( 29.02 -01.03-2020). There were 6 teams participants in this tournament. The teams were divided into two groups: A group and B group to play round one. Then the participation of the teams in the third position was over for this tournament. The teams with the 2nd position in their subgroups had to play for the
MGU team from Moscow are the winners of the first 2019 IABL tournament in RigaWednesday, 4 December 2019 13:09The first IABL tournament of the season of 2019-2020 took place in late autumn with the start of winter. Seven teams arrived to Riga to fight for the three cups and credit points. There have been changes in the system of IABL tournament. During the season it is scheduled to organize four tournaments in total, i.e. three playoffs and one final one. The first three winning teams in each playoff are awarded with cups including credit points. The tournament games in Riga were fierce, one game
The finish of International amateur basketball league of the year 2018-2019 in Tbilisi (Sakartvelo) and the triumph of Moscow MSU (Russia) as the new IABL championsMonday, 8 July 2019 21:26 At the start of June, in Tbilisi, the capital of Sakartvelo the championship of International amateur basketball league (IABL) of the year 2018-2019 was finished. There were 8 teams from 5 countries – Lithuania, Latvia, Sweden, Russia and Sakartvelo. On the first day of the tournament the final subgroup game was played in the sports hall in Zaza Pachulia sports school in Tbilisi, where the playoff teams came out. The winning quarterfinal teams get into the semifinal ,
Fierce fights, records of points and a drama with four overtimes during the first IABL season of 2018/2019 in KlaipėdaThursday, 22 November 2018 12:24 On November 17, 2018 the first tournament of International Amateur Basketball League ( IABL) of the year 2018/2019 took place in Klaipėda, at the seaside of Lithuania. This year 8 teams from Lithuania, Latvia, Russia and Sweden are participating in the tournament. Some new teams are going to join the upcoming tournaments. The teams are divided into subgroups „A“and „B“. The teams play one game once and later fight for the title of champions in summer of
The final IABL battle in Batumi (Georgia) and the third in a turn IABL champions title for Riga Rumba/LSPA (Latvia)!Wednesday, 27 June 2018 14:30 On May 31– June 3, 2018 in Batumi, a Black sea resort in Georgia, the final 7-th International amateur basketball league (IABL) championship came to the finish with persistent fights. After an amazing game that even required an overtime, the Latvian representatives of Riga Rumba/LSPA team held out the Kaunas KKL attacks and has defeated the champion‘s title. On the day of May 31, all six teams had to play extra subgroup game each. The Swedish yielded to Kaunas team 69:95, the
The second International Amateur Basketball League tournament in Hogan, SwedenMonday, 19 March 2018 12:20On March 10, 2018 in Hogan, the city in Sweden the second IABL (International amateur basketball league) tournament took place. So, a host team and a guest team “you’re on” from the capital of Russia came out on the site in Swedish tournament. The game was quite uneven, though the Swedish team was a better one during the overall game and celebrated an important victory in a result 92:78. Vilnius “Tegra” and a team from Sankt-Petersburgh, this time made of
The season of 2017/2018 IABL has started in RigaTuesday, 12 December 2017 12:22Traditionally on the 25th of November the 7th season of International amateur basketball league has already started in Riga. Six teams from four countries arrived at LSPA sports hall in the capital of Latvia. Each of the teams has played two games. Both teams from Russia were the first to come out on the site. The players from Sankt-Petersburgh challenged the team from the capital of Russia. The victory was reached by the guest team from Sankt-Petersburgh with a fragile three points
Ryga “Rumba“ (Latvia) team again has become the champions of IABL (International amateur basketball league) of 2017Wednesday, 5 July 2017 20:08At the first weekend of June, 2017 the IABL finals took place. There were 8 teams from 6 countries – Russia, the Ukraine, Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania and Latvia - to compete for the title of the champions. On the first day of the tournament the teams played in the final subgroup matches: Moscow (Russia) vs. Sweden - 80:106, Sankt-Petesrburgh (Russia) vs. Denmark – 77:63, Latvia vs.Vilnius (Lithuania) - 92:93, the Ukraine vs. Kaunas (Lithuania) – 97:57. The quarter finals team
The start of the Sixth Season of 2016/2017 International Amateur Basketball League (IABL) in RigaMonday, 19 December 2016 14:54On 26th November, 2016 the sixth International amateur basketball league tournament started in Riga, the capital of Latvia. There are 8 teams, participating in this championship, i.e. Moscow BK “Torpedo“ (Russia), Sankt-Petersburgh ( Russia), Hoganas ( Sweden), Riga “Rumba“( Latvia), Vilnius “Tegra“ (Lithuania), Kaunas KKL ( Lithuania), Kiev (Ukraine) and Copenhagen “Risk“ Denmark as a newly joined team. There were 8 games , played in Riga
The champions of the Fifth International Amateur Basketball League (IABL) – Riga „Rumba“ team (LBAL – Latvia)Wednesday, 20 July 2016 17:26In June ,2016 the Fifth of jubillee International amateur basketball league (IABL) tournament was closed. This year there were 7 teams from 5 countries: Russia, Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia and the Ukraine. The teams had to fight in three tournaments to get into the final fourth. In winter the first tournament took place in Riga ( Latvia), the second one took place in Hoganas ( Sweden) and both the third and the final tournament took place in Benidorm, a resort in Spain. The third
The II-nd IABL tournament of 2016 in Hoganas, Sweden. The Latvians‘ predominance and the Ukrainians‘ victoriesTuesday, 19 April 2016 23:41On April 9, 2016 the IABL matches took place for the first time in Hoganas, a resort town by the North sea in Sweden. Teams of Kaunas KKL national and Russia Sankt Petersburgh came out first on the site. Since the start of the game Kaunas team dictated their own terms on the site and defeated the opponents in a result 119:69. Vilnius „Tegra“ and Moscow BC“ Torpedo“ teams tried out own strenghts in the second match. The fight on the site was rather fierce during the
The start of International Amateur Basketball League (IABL) of 2016 in RigaThursday, 17 March 2016 21:53The Fifth International Amateur Baketball League tournament was opened in February, 2016. New teams from Hoganas city , Sweden and “Torpedo“ Moscow joined the old-timer teams this season. This year the representatives from Belarus are not participating in the tournament. The decision was taken to miss this season in expectation to join next year IABL tournament. This year there are 7 teams in all: Kaunas KKL national team, Vilnius “Tegra“( both from Lithuania),
Fourth International Amateur Basketball League (IABL) tournament champions - Ukraine national teamSaturday, 11 July 2015 12:43 On 12 June the Fourth International Amateur Basketball League (IABL) tournament was closed. The final tour took place in Slovenia health resort Portorož on the Adriatic coast. After the semifinals, The Ukraine national team, the champions of the last year tour and KKL national team, made on the basis of Sports Obsession team, turned out as the final rivals. The final match started with a persistent fight , where players from Kaunas were more successful, however in the second round
The IVth Tournament in Kėdainiai.The absolute domination of the Kaunas team, Russians with strong ambitions and the downfall of the Ukrainians to the bottom of the tour match standing.Tuesday, 31 March 2015 13:09On March 21, the IVth International Amateur Basketball League (IABL) as the last but one tournament took place in Kėdainiai, with Vilnius team as a formal host. There were six games played during the tournament with the revealed favorites and outsiders.In any case this year the strength of teams has been very similar and all main fights are still ahead. VKL national team made on the basis of “Tegra“ and KKL national team made on the basis of “Sport Obsession“
The Third International Amateur Basketball League tournament ( IABL) in Druskininkai. An absolute Kaunas and Latvian teams predominance as well as a surprise from Russia Thursday, 5 March 2015 14:59On 21 February , 2015 the third IABL tournament took place in a Lithuanian health resort Druskininkai. Although according to the previous agreement the tournament had to take place in Sankt Petersburgh, due to the existing unstable political situation, on the basis of the agreement among all the teams the decision was taken to hold the tournament in Druskininkai Lithuania. Kaunas basketball league provided Russians with assistance to organize the tournament by approving themselves once again
The second International Amateur Basketball League (IABL) Tournament in Kaunas. A lot of beautiful fights and surprisesMonday, 29 December 2014 20:53 On December 13th in Kaunas, the second International Amateur Basketball League tournament took place at A.Sabonis BC , where 6 matches were played. During the first match site hosts from Kaunas were the first to come out to the field with their principal rivals from Vilnius. From the start of the match the fortune was on the side of players from Kaunas, who were little by little gaining point advantage and didn‘t even allow their rivals to think about a victory. The hosts acted
First tour of IABL 2014-2015 season was organised in Minsk (Belarus)Tuesday, 2 December 2014 12:35IABL 2014/2015 season started on 22nd November in Minsk, capital of Belarus. Six amateur teams from five different countries (Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Russia and Ukraine) are participating in the tournament. Six games were played in the first tour. Belarus and Russia teams have played the opening game of the tour. Local team were favourites. However, a bit unexpectedly Russia’s team controlled the game and won the game 87:69. Top scorer in the winning team was Andrej Mahlin (23
Saturday matches of the International Amateur Basketball LeagueTuesday, 27 May 2014 22:32Pomeranian team league «Środowiskowa», which represents Poland in the International Amateur Basketball League (IABL) await the next matches. On Saturday, May 24, 2014 white-reds will play two matches in Sopot. International Amateur Basketball League IABL will come to Poland first time of the season 2013/2014. In a hall of gymnasium № 2 in Sopot (on the street Wejherowska 1) basketball players coached by Joanna Kowalska will compete against teams Lithuanian Basketball League of
Watch tournament matches from Minsk live!Friday, 11 April 2014 00:06
Tour in Vilnius 2014-01-18Tuesday, 21 January 2014 10:15 Ukraine - Poland One of the first games of Vilnius round was played Saturday morning between Poland and Ukraine amateur teams. This game was the first one in this regular season between these two teams, so it‘s no surprise that both teams wanted to play as good as possible. This game had meant more to Poland, because they still had no wins this season. However, to win against the Ukraine, having just 8 players in the roster against a full Ukrainian team, was a really big
Video from the fifth tour in KaunasTuesday, 9 April 2013 11:36Match 1: Lithuania (KKL) vs Ukraine (ЛМ): Video 1: Video 2: Video 3: Video 4: Video 5: Video 6: Video 7: Video 8: Match 2: Lithuania (VKL) vs Poland (LŚ): Video 1: Video 2: Video 3: Video 4: Video 5: Video 6:
The winner of Vilnius IABL tour and Mayor A. Zuokas cup is VILNIUS BASKETBALL LEAGUE team!Friday, 28 December 2012 00:19The second IABL tour took place on Saturday, December 15th, in Vilnius “Lietuvos Rytas” arena. Teams from five countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Belarus and Poland) competed for points in the regular season and for the main prize – Vilnius mayor A. Zuokas cup. The first IABL tour was a month ago in Sopot, Poland. In this tour VKL (Vilnius basketball League) team has proven that Lithuania is a basketball country. They won two games and were ranked in the first place after
Players from five different countries will compete for Vilnius mayor Arturas Zuokas cupWednesday, 12 December 2012 23:36  On December 15th Vilnius residents and visitors, and everyone who likes basketball will have an exclusive opportunity to join this amateur basketball event. In „Lietuvos Rytas“ arena will be held the second „International Amateur Basketball League“ (IABL) tour. In this event organized by Vilnius Basketball League (VKL) will participate six teams from five countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Belarus and
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