The review of the II nd IABL tournament in Sankt Petersburgh

The II nd tournament of the International amateur basketball league took place in Sankt Petersburgh, the second largest city in Russia, at the end of winter with the start of spring ( 29.02 -01.03-2020).

There were 6 teams participants in this tournament. The teams were divided into two groups: A group and B group to play round one. Then the participation of the teams in the third position was over for this tournament. The teams with the 2nd position in their subgroups had to play for the bronze medals on the following day, i.e on the 1st of March, thus the teams with the 1st position in their subgroups fought for the title of the champions of the Sankt Petersburgh tournament

Subgroup A
Kaunas (Lithuania)
DOMO (Siauliai, Lithuania)
You‘re ON (Moscow, Russia)

Subgroup B
MGU Lomonosov (Moscow, Russia)
Sankt Petersburgh (Russia)
Tegra (Vilnius, Lithuania)

In the first game, the novice team from Siauliai “DOMO“ played against Kaunas KKL team. The Siauliai team has taken the advantage since the first minutes of the game and managed to keep it till the end of the game and to celebrate the victory in a triumphant result 29:67. The team from Kaunas lacked strength and accurateness on the site, whereas the Siauliai team was evidently better and proved to be a stronger one.

In the second game the local team from Sankt Petersburgh met with Moscow MGU team. The young hosts of the site have faced the experienced team from Moscow, although the team did their best, the Moscow team were obviously superior and gained the victory in a result 102:53.

In the third game Moscow team“You‘re ON“ played against the basketball players from Kaunas. The latter ones, considering their defeat, were smarter this time, but unfortunately this was insufficient and were defeated for the second time.

In the fourth game Vilnius “Tegra“ had a fight against Moscow MGU team. The first half of the game was more or less equal and after two quarters it was difficult to judge the winner, whereas in the third quarter the Moscow team played the minutes succesfully and broke out forward, holding the initiative in their hands and celebrated the victory in the result 82:68.

During the last but one game of the first tour Siauliai “DOMO“ challenged Moscow “You‘re ON“ team. This was the most persistent game of the tour, where the last second determined the winner. In the course of the overall game Siauliai team was ahead insignificantly, although Moscow team did not allow to break out and kept close constantly. With 15 seconds remaining ‘‘You‘re ON“ broke out forward with a minimal 1 point difference. Siauliai team had the last attack, where the captain of the team Nerijus Daunoravičius with a fantastic 3 point throw from 9 meters distance took out a victory for his team in a result 87:86. The team members joyfully jumped over Nerijus and “squeezed the cheese“.

So in the final game Vilnius “Tegra“ defeated the local Sankt Petersburgh team in a result 110:59.

Thus, after the final subgroup games, the teams Moscow “You‘re ON“ and Vilnius “Tegra“ were defined to play for the third position in the Little finale. Thus, the teams Siauliai “DOMO“ and Moscow MGU shall fight for the title of champions.

The Little finale took place rather interchangeably, though the game of the Moscow “You‘re ON“ was more accurate and they defeated Vilnius “Tegra“ in a result 83:79 and were awarded with a bronze medals.

During the Grande finale the team Moscow MGU had to fight with the novice team Siauliai “DOMO“. Despite the great attempts of Siauliai team, Moscow team played with more confidence and defeated the opponents from Lithuania in a result 90:71 and were awarded with the gold medals of the tour. The team Siauliai “DOMO“ was awarded with the silver medals.

At the end of the tour in Sankt Petersburgh, 6 points go to MGU team; 5 points go to Siauliai “DOMO“ , 4 points go to “You‘re ON“, 3 points go to “Tegra“ , 2 points go to Kaunas and 1 point goes to Sankt Petersburgh.

The overall distribution of teams after two tournaments is in the following:

1. Moscow MGU – 13 points;
2. Kaunas – 8 points;
3. Moscow “You‘re ON“ - 6 points;
4-5. Šiaulių “DOMO“ – 5 points;
4-5. Riga „Rumba/LSPA“ – 5 points;
6. „Salapils“ – 4 points;
7-8. Vilnius “Tegra“ – 3 points;
7-8. Klaipėda “Urbovita“ – 3 points;
9-10. Kiev– 1 point;
9-10. Sankt Petersburgh – 1 point.

The next tournament is planned to be held in the beginning of May in Siauliai ( Lithuania), the teams for the final tournament will be clarified and will play for the champions title of the IABL of 2020.





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