The second International Amateur Basketball League tournament in Hogan, Sweden

On March 10, 2018 in Hogan, the city in Sweden the second IABL (International amateur basketball league) tournament took place.

So, a host team and a guest team “you’re on” from the capital of Russia came out on the site in Swedish tournament. The game was quite uneven, though the Swedish team was a better one during the overall game and celebrated an important victory in a result 92:78.

Vilnius “Tegra” and a team from Sankt-Petersburgh, this time made of slightly different team members, were the second on the site. In this game, the Vilnius team was obviously superior and managed to defeat the opponent team in a result 123:54.

During the third game Kaunas KKL team challenged Riga Rumba/LSPA, the champions of the previous IABL season. As Kaunas team failed to come with the strongest players, the game wasn’t tense and the Latvians quite easily defeated the rival team in a result 104:57.

During the fourth game the mentioned Latvian team had a fight against Moscow team “you’re on”. Although the Moscow team tried their best, the Latvians, after two games in succession, had enough strength to achieve the second victory in the tournament. They won against Russian team in a result 82:63.

During the last but one game, Kaunas KKL team defeated the Sankt-Petersburgh team in a result 95:79.

And, during the last but very resultative game, the host team Hogan tested themselves against Vilnius “Tegra”. The game was very dynamic and the spectators, gathered in abundance in the hall, had to enjoy it. Anyway, the players from Vilnius managed to demonstrate the advantage with the help of light attacks and celebrated the victory in a result 125:104.

There were 6 games played in the tournament, where the leaders and outsiders emerged in the standing. As a matter of fact, the positions in the standing are quite “restricted” as the gap between the first and the fourth positions differ in only two points, so it’s difficult to forecast the position for each of the team. The final third stage must clarify overall situation, as it takes place the day before the final stage. And the final stage is due in the beginning of June in one of the resorts either in Croatia or Montenegro.


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